Kanchan Kesari Village Resort

Location:- Jaipur


3 - STAR



Kanchan Kesari Village Resort

Restaurant "Jeeman" 

We prominently serve two type of cuisines in our Restaurant "Jeeman". Traditional Rajasthani food (its not always Dal-Bati-Choorma) made from ingredients that are available in the arid region laced with spices and served on Chowkis with "Manvar" (host's insistence).  We are also famous for our North Indian (Punjabi actually) thali which has been the City's favorite right from day one.
Our thali is unlimited and menu wise extensive. It is available from 4pm onwards. Thali has become so synonymous with the Resort that guest tend to forget that we are capable of executing A-la-carte orders too.
Some may be surprised to note that our charges for kids are according to their height. This was started to avoid unnecessary altercations with parents who tend to quote a lesser age for their kids. Kids upto 2.5' are not charged while those upto 4.5' are charged as Kids and above that as Adults.

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